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The Connectr Core Organization is a multidisciplinary team to which each individual – often supported by an underlying party – contributes based on their own expertise. The goal: to connect, accelerate and strengthen all innovation-oriented activities and facilities in the energy cluster. The Core Organization reinforces the Innovation Lab and Shared Facilities and directs the Connectr Innovation Program.

Within these components, the Core Organization monitors the focus on key technologies, for which Connectr has all the expertise on board through various partners. This ensures continuity and a strong learning capacity. And we make a unique contribution to the market and scale that other parts of the Netherlands and Europe are focusing on.

In addition, the Core Organization has access to regional, national and international funding. This enables Connectr’s partners to carry out specific projects more often and more quickly, thus achieving growth and impact. It also allows us to respond to opportunities and developments more quickly.


Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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