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ElaadNL classroom

Since September, ElaadNL has, in addition to offering practical lessons, set up a classroom where students can now also take theory lessons. This new facility offers valuable opportunities for various training courses, such as the Optional Part Charging Points for Electric Vehicles (EV) by ROCs and the NEN3140 training offered by HAN.

The energy transition requires a leap in scale, calling for the accelerated application and scaling of innovations. Connectr ensures this through an Innovation Program, Innovation Lab, Shared Facilities, and the Core Organization. Innovations are tested, demonstrated, and put into practice directly through Connectr, with the aim of growing from there. By achieving impact on both the energy transition and the (regional) economy, and by connecting human capital to technology, we ensure resilient solutions.



For a climate-neutral Gelderland in 2050, acceleration is needed now.


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