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Electrochemical Energy Storage

Focus on three
key technologies

What is it?
Storage of electrical energy in chemical energy, to be converted back to electrical energy at a later time and/or another location.

What do we do with it?
We align supply and demand for electrical energy with variable production, prevent grid congestion, ensure grid balancing and security of supply, and contribute to the sustainability of transportation.

Why focus on this?
The key technologies are the unique knowledge areas in which the region excels, in which it aspires to lead others, and for which there is global demand. They play a crucial role in realizing the energy transition. In addition, companies are clustered around these key technologies. By focusing on these technologies, Connectr strengthens this clustering, allowing companies to grow more quickly and attracting new companies.

Also see power systems engineering and sustainable propulsion systems.


Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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