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Why Connectr

The energy transition
as a challenge, the region
as an opportunity

We are facing an enormous global challenge to become more sustainable. If we as a country are to abide by international climate agreements, we must go all out. This also applies at the regional level: to achieve a climate-neutral Gelderland in 2050, acceleration is needed now.

To achieve a successful energy transition, we must learn, innovate, and collaborate. This applies to both technical solutions and human capital. The strong energy cluster in Gelderland offers plenty of opportunities for this. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on regional collaboration, which has led to innovative strength, unity of purpose, and an interweaving of activities.

Harnessing the potential
However, the region can do much more to exploit its potential to contribute to a successful energy transition. This applies both to applications in the region itself, and at the national and international levels. We must continue to invest in facilities and cooperation – not only to maintain and strengthen our position, but to make the necessary leap in terms of scale.

Connectr is the concentrating, connecting, and accelerating factor that this requires. It ensures that we can turn the energy transition into an economy. The ambition is to do it so well that research, education, and business innovation turn the region into a European hotspot. And that Europe co-invests in the solutions that are developed in the region.

This will enable us to make the necessary leap in scale of energy innovations and contribute to both the energy transition and the economy.


Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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