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Energy Demo Field

Testing and demonstrating

Here, parties involved in hydrogen and/or battery technology can test and demonsteate their innovation.

At the Energy Demo Field we show what is already happening technologically in the region, the importance of learning in practice, and the importance of bringing together the right facilities and the right parties.

Nedstack is the first user of this Connectr Shared Facility at IPKW. Nedstack researches and develops PEM fuel cells. These fuel cells generate energy through ion transport using hydrogen. Through PEM fuel cells, Nedstack contributes to the hydrogen economy and cleaner options for generating energy.

Download the brochure here

Watch the film below to see what the added value of the Energy Demo Field is for companies that want to do the very last tests before they go onto the market with their product. And not only from the factory, but also with the safety services involved.

Want to test or demonstrate your energy innovation here?
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Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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