07 dec: Community Meeting Temporary Energy Systems (TES)
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Collaboration is
accelerating growth

The Connectr Innovation Lab at the Kleefse Waard Industrial Park (IPKW) will be an attractive spot where all the players in the energy cluster come together to collaborate and accelerate each other’s growth. The Connectr Core Organization and part of the Shared Facilities will also be concentrated at this location. All parties will be able to contribute and gain knowledge and expertise.


The Connectr Innovation Lab will be located in the prize-winning, most sustainable business park in the Netherlands: Kleefse Waard Industrial Park in Arnhem. This beautiful industrial property dates to 1941 and was once a production site for rayon fibers. The physical location includes shared research and development facilities, a hybrid learning environment, testing grounds, and meeting and event spaces.




Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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