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Innovation and collaboration during Arnhem Electricity Week
Innovation and collaboration during Arnhem Electricity Week

Innovation and collaboration during Arnhem Electricity Week

For Connectr, this was an excellent moment to showcase that this region is the hotspot in the field of energy transition. Below, we highlight a few events.

Club Transition

The week began with Club Transition, an event that offered new insights, engaging conversations and passionate designers. Additionally, the symbolic transfer of the Connectr Innovation Lab to the energy ecosystem took place. With the push of a button, the mini-forest in the Connectr Innovation Lab was sprayed. By misting the trees regularly, the forest remains healthy! For our energy ecosystem, ongoing collaboration, innovation, and support are needed to grow and accelerate the energy transition. With the physical location of the Connectr Innovation Lab, we make a significant contribution to this.


We are delighted to announce that Rabobank and Stichting Connectr have entered into a partnership! Together, we aim to accelerate the energy transition and stimulate economic growth. Connectr gathers and demonstrates solutions for Rabobank’s customers, while Rabobank informs its customers about these innovations.

Creative x Energy

During the Arnhem Electricity Week, the intention declaration for the launch of Creative x Energy was signed! By involving the creative industry early on, we accelerate the energy transition in the development process of new applications. With Creative x Energy, we facilitate this unique collaboration. Among others, Nermina Kundić, alderman of economy for the city of Arnhem, and Jeroen Herremans, director of Connectr, signed the intention declaration.

Café Électrique on Tour

Throughout the week, evening programs were provided, including a special Formula E evening at Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem. Guests were Formula E world champion Nyck De Vries and Dutch television personality Rob Kamphues. In Top Gear style, they delved deep into the world of electric racing, with captivating stories, the latest developments, guests and unique insights into the impact of electricity in motorsport.

European New Power Summit

The day began with an early breakfast for our community members, followed by the European New Power Summit. This summit focused on the latest innovations in system integration, energy storage, and electric charging. The event attracted international market leaders, policymakers, young talent, startups, and investors, working together towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. During this summit, the European Center for Flexible Energy Systems was launched. The first task of the center? Addressing grid congestion by making our energy system more flexible, making existing knowledge accessible, stimulating innovations, giving demonstrations, and realizing actual applications.

Investors Dinner

As many as 16 startups and scale-ups met investors during the Investors Dinner at Arnhems Buiten.

Masterclass on Safe Deployment of Battery Technology

The rollout of battery technology plays an important role in the success of the energy transition. However, scaling up leads to new challenges. The battery technologies used have various electrical and fire safety risks. And as it goes with transitions, the legislation prescribing how safe application should be done is still under development. Over 30 participants received more information on these aspects and went home with a nice certificate.


Are you a company, educational institution, or research firm that is actively involved in the energy transition?

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