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Folded Solar: a look back at progress
Folded Solar: a look back at progress

Folded Solar: a look back at progress

The Energy Growth accelerator Demonstration was awarded to Folded Solar last July. It's time to review the past year with founders Theo Brinksma and Iwan van Bochove.

After a client provided land for a solar park, but a significant part of the field couldn’t be used due to underground pipelines, Theo Brinksma came up with a solution. It was a solar panel system that can be retracted and extended. With his background as an industrial designer, Iwan van Bochove also saw potential in the idea.


The result is a modular system that can be easily pulled out of a container. This way, the system can be quickly installed and uninstalled and used for infrastructure/construction projects, army or events. A frame is pulled out of a container, working like an accordion. Lightweight solar panels are mounted on this frame. The system is deliberately kept simple so that it can be used by anyone, is easily applicable, and resistant to theft and vandalism. Moreover, it is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Test Period

“The first year was a bumpy road with some delays, but we are proud and satisfied with the pilot setup at the Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW). We now have an interested party with whom we have made a follow-up appointment. The website is ready to be launched,” says Theo.

“The system has been tested by the army and there are points for improvement that have emerged. We have learned a lot from the pragmatic approach of the army: for anchoring, we simply use sandbags. This way, the system can be placed on any surface,” says Iwan.

In addition to the army, Folded Solar has also collaborated with the Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN). HAN students have performed calculations for the mechanics and conducted market research and analysis.

The Energy Growth accelerator Demonstration

“The Energy Growth accelerator Demonstration Energy was implemented using the advanced battery system from AMPOWR and the expertise of DENTA engineering, as well as for material costs. We are pleased with the company SCALABOR, which will mount the panels on the frame.

We are grateful for the support from Connectr and OostNL. Although the start was somewhat delayed, we are proudly looking forward to the demo day!” according to the gentlemen.


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